The Best Of The Dish Today

I don’t know about you, but I thought a word from Hitch at this moment might well be appropriate. Have you not missed him these past couple of weeks?

I’m two weeks late for my monthly report on the State of the Dish because of, well, not being able to get out of bed, but here goes. December was a strong month for us: we brought in $33K in revenue. Here’s the gross revenue chart since last March:

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 1.49.17 PM

The red is from last year’s subscribers and the blue from new ones this year. Our total gross revenue from subs in 2014 came to $967K. In 2013, it was $851K. That’s a 14 percent increase, year on year. It wasn’t our only source of income, because we also got some Amazon affiliate money and some merchandise profits – about $51K total. So that bit of revenue added to our subs makes the Dish a million dollar company in 2014. Traffic also came in at over a million unique visitors in December and 5.8 million pageviews.

A massive thanks to all of our 30,478 subscribers. I had no idea if we’d make it to Year 3, but we have. Your commitment to this little platform for open debate and conversation is, mercifully, rock-solid. I’ve been at other magazines. You guys are different and special. If you haven’t yet, please join us. If you’d like to introduce a friend to the Dish, gift subscriptions are here. A reader writes:

I’ve followed your website for some time now, a time during which my wife was in a six-year battle with breast cancer. I always hesitated to subscribe out of the need to ensure all my resources, both financially or other, were directed toward her care. I lost her last July after 32 years of marriage and have been struggling to come to terms with the aftermath. Believe it or not, your site and its diverse content has helped me, and I have been intending to subscribe … but was stuck for some reason.

One of Sunday’s posts, “The Way Time Heals“, struck a cord that has finally moved me to subscribe. One quote from Mantel’s article:

Recovery can seem like a betrayal. Passionately, you desire a way back to the lost object, but the only possible road, the road to life, leads away.

It’s a perfect description of the feelings one has in grief. Every step I take, changing names on bank accounts and titles, buying groceries for one, and the things I do for myself – like finally subscribing to The Dish – are painstaking steps away from my former life. And each decision and change can feel like you’re erasing a former life, so the finality of each action can be heartbreaking.

So as strange as it might seem, this is a big, difficult, and heartbreaking decision, but one that is part of moving forward instead of remaining in stasis. You need to know that your site is a beacon and godsend of intelligent and thoughtful content, and it can help people in ways you might not fully understand.

I subscribed at twice the requested rate, half for me, and half in memory of my beautiful wife. Thanks again for all the amazing everything you and your cohorts do each day.

Today, we reflected on the Jihadist rampage in Nigeria and why we Westerners seem less interested; the CIA got away with it again; Paul Ryan is up to something; and Mitt is running. But which Mitt this time? And then the eggcorn thread perked up again. Some good ones.

The most popular post of the day was Charlie, Blasphemer; followed by Who Does Torrenting Hurt, Ctd?

See you, fingers crossed, in the morning.