Censoring Charlie‘s Cover On Live TV

This is appalling:


On Sky News, former Charlie Hebdo journalist Caroline Fourest was trying to explain how “crazy” it is that certain journalism mills in the United Kingdom won’t show the cover of the latest edition of the magazine. Well, Sky News provided a stronger explanation than Fourest ever could have.

Allahpundit chews out Sky News:

Why humiliate a grieving person this way? She has the balls to stand by her work in the name of free speech, at great personal risk to herself, and this is how she’s treated? Literally pissing on Stephane Charbonnier’s grave would be less hurtful, I think, than taking up his killers’ cause this way.

Allahpundit also points to Buzzfeed’s list of Western outlets that did and didn’t show the cover. And Barbie Latza Nadeau looks at which publications ran the cover around the world.