Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

I’m disappointed that you would join in the knee-jerk chorus and claim that it was “an absolute disgrace that Obama sent no one of a higher rank than the ambassador.”  On Tuesday, 12 Shiite Iraqis were murdered by “Jihadist mass murder.” Should Biden be dispatched to show our solidarity?  How about Boko Haram’s recent massacre?  Should Kerry be on a plane right now?  The US ambassador’s presence in Paris, visiting the French ambassador in DC, Kerry’s statement, and most importantly, tangible intelligence cooperation are appropriate responses.  None of the French press is up in arms about the response of the US.  Kerry’s remarks in French were widely praised as eloquent and moving. Obama’s “Vive la France” in the condolence book was also embraced.

This march was about the community, not about the USA.  To hear the “freedom fries” crowd all of a sudden care passionately about insulting the French is hilarious but expected.  I did not expect you to climb on this manufactured outrage bandwagon.