Canine Competitors

A reader writes:

The video you posted of the agility trial is a good example of a local, hobbyist level event. I play agility with my two dogs at this level, competing for titles and ribbons. There is, however, a competitive sports level of dog agility, and it’s a different beast altogether. The handlers are athletes themselves, conditioning and sprint training to stay ahead of their four-legged teammates to give timely and clear cues. The dog doesn’t know the course obviously, and the handler has eight minutes of walk-through before the runs begin, to walk the course, memorize it, and decide on a handling strategy. The teams that place and make it onto the podium, are winning by tenths of a second. Imagine outrunning a border collie, and you can start to appreciate the level of sportsmanship involved.

On the video seen above:

Your readers might enjoy watching an agility superstar like Lisa Frick and her dog, Hoss, win Gold at the FCI Agility World Championships, the oldest, toughest, and most prestigious international competition, the Olympics of dog agility.