“Would You Like To Be Shut Down?”

Lauren Davis highlights HENRi, the very poignant short seen above:

In a bit of role reversal, Keir Dullea, better known as 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s Dr. David Bowman, plays an intelligent ship in the short film HENRi, which also stars Superman actress Margot Kidder. After some time adrift in space, the ship’s intelligence decides to build itself a body to feel more alive. HENRi was written and directed by Eli Sasich, whose short film Atropa we were drooling over just last week. Where Atropa was a proof-of-concept, however, HENRi is a complete story, but, like Atropa, it was inspired by classic science fiction films. …

It’s always nice when crowdfunding allows someone with this much talent to spread their creative wings. We’re definitely keeping an eye out for Sasich’s work in the future. You can also read more about the film and see some of the models that went into its creation at Filmmaker Magazine.