What Is Humanity’s Greatest Invention? Ctd

We can’t argue with this contribution:

Humanity’s greatest invention? That’s obvious.


Think about it. Wolves are terrifying, but no animal is more loving than a dog. Wolves compete with us in the food chain – even hunt us in the food chain! – but dogs have an ancient tradition of being our best hunting partners. They could rip out our throats, but all they want to do is please us. What other animal is eager and effective at offering comfort in times of grief? And they’re often better at it humans.

Frankly, I like dogs a lot more than I like people. One of the few times I’m wary of a dog is when I see one being walked next to a baby in a stroller. It’s hard to know what that dog will do if you get too close to the baby. And when you think about it, doesn’t that really say it all?

The above video says even more. Another reader on the question at hand:

Indoor plumbing.  I know there is a God because I don’t have to shit in the woods. So no one needed to invent religion.  All we needed was indoor plumbing and you kill two birds with one stone.