Busted With An Eggcorn, Ctd

We could all use some more of these right now:

In case the Dish doesn’t go ahead, I have an eggcorn to share. My wife and I both work, so we have a nanny for our two kids. We live in SE Asia, and our nanny speaks English fairly well, but it’s her second language. Instead of belly-button, she says “belly-bottom”, so now my 3 year old does as well.  It makes me smile every time.

Another kiddo:

My 9-year-old niece, who arrived from Thailand only six months ago, is determined to learn English. When her father said she and her mother could go to the store without him, she replied, “No, that is something we should do threegether.” (Not “together.”)

And another:

This just happened and it’s too cute not to share. My five-year-old son is into bluegrass, particularly the banjo.

For Christmas we got him a few albums, including Mumford and Sons (not exactly bluegrass, but heavy on the banjo). Today was our first time listening to the album, and when it was over, I asked if he wanted to listen again or pick something else. His reply? “More Mumford and songs!” Made me laugh out loud. (I explained that they are actually “and sons“, but he’s decided that his version is better, so that’s what we’ll be calling them in our house now).

Another reflects on his own childhood:

When I was little, I was terrified of going in the ocean because when my father described to me about the dangerous undertow that is very strong and can pull you out to sea, I heard “undertoad”.  It was a good couple of years until I realized the truth, and during that time I marveled at my friends bravery for ignoring the threat of the Undertoad as they swam happily about.

Another turns to politics:

You might enjoy the line under the video in this article:

McCain was interrupted multiple times by boos and at one point a member of the crowd shouts “you’re a war mongrel [sic].”

As my friend Jonny used to say, “it’s guys like McCain that get my dandruff up.”

Along similar lines:

From a FB comment on the TX Lt. Gov’s recent statement on open carry:

…no, I wasn’t misinformed by the media, I read your actual quote. It was a weak comment that showed lack of support when you said it wasn’t a priority. You instead could have prevented this mail-storm if you had made a strong comment…

Another reader:

On a recent flight from Yangon to Bangkok, the pre-take-off security announcement included: “if you should experience a loss of cabin pleasure …” I thought, “That’s some service! An eggcorn? Mis-hearing? Or just accented English?

One more:

I’m a therapist, and just this morning a client reported to me that she had a baby and now has “post party depression.” Which is sort of brilliant, I think.

And this email is just too adorable not to add:

Acorn not eggcorn!

God bless you and good future. I just found your blog for the first time today!