A Reader And Me

Here’s a little blast of Dishness over the years. A reader just emailed me her latest missive in a correspondence between us that goes back to 2008. Here’s the eight-year exchange:

I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I have to thank you.  It gives me something more intelligent to do when I’m wasting my employer’s time than looking at captioned cat pictures. I know you get this all the time but even though I don’t always agree with you, I do always appreciate the thoughtfulness and intelligence that you bring to a topic.  There’s not nearly enough of that in the world.

That said, do you ever take a day off from this? Isn’t it exhausting to constantly serve up content to those of us too lazy to find it ourselves?  I know that you had someone filling in for you when you were very ill, but still, it’s the weekend! Go to the park, take a nap, read a book in the bathtub or whatever! The rest of us can fend for ourselves for a while.

I replied:

i’ll rest when this comes to some kind of lull.

Two years later, after I said I’d no longer be blogging Saturday and Sunday (which lasted maybe a couple of weekends):

Finally, two years later and you’re taking my advice. I’m very happy to hear that you’re going to be taking weekends off. Somehow your readers will muddle through. Somehow.

Then four years later, earlier today:

Finally, after 6 long years, you’re taking my advice. I’ll miss the shit out of you, but I love that you’re taking care of yourself finally.

I love you guys.