Beards Of The Week

A reader:


And his ancestor:


This is a photo of my great-great-grandfather Louis Doiron circa 1904, perhaps the burliest Cajun in Parks, Louisiana at the turn of the twentieth century (and of picture of my not-even-worthy beard this morning). I’ve been wanting to send this photo to you for a while. Now that the end of The Dish is near, I figured I’d stop procrastinating and do it. Thank you thank you thank you. You will be missed.

Another reader:

Gordon 27a

I remember reading your columns back in Time magazine, all those years ago. Like so many others, I can’t thank you enough for putting so much of your self into making the Dish what it has become: a joy to read, a constant spur to thinking and creativity, a daily companion.

I’m appending a view for the Beard of the Week (of course, now that it’s over). Thanks for showing us How It’s Done. I’ll be watching out for your next book.