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Copyranter spots a “great ‘disruptive’ print ad”:

The Wikipedia entry for “Disruptive Innovation” is well over 4,000 words. Native Advertising is considered a Disruptive Innovation.

That’s rich. And ironic. Because it is designed to not be “disruptive”. It is designed to blend in, deceive. And it is not an “innovation”. Branded “native” print editorial content has been around for over 100 years.

This ad [above and below] ran in the November 7th issue of the Guardian (click to enlarge):


In case you don’t understand what you’re looking at, that’s a double full-page spread ad (you know, the paper kind). How many people—do you think—who saw that headline didn’t read the copy? Sorry digital gurus, there are no exact metrics for you to study and put into one of your priceless decks. But let me give you a ballpark figure: ZERO.

This is a brilliant example of what social media dipshits try—and fail at—every day: newsjacking. Except, ecotricity (Britain’s leading green energy supplier) actual had some pretty big news to report, as I’m sure you’re reading about right now.

I see something like this, and I think—momentarily and warily—that just maybe, advertising creativity might survive this stupid generation.

Cool Ad Watch

Not cool so much as powerful:


Tim Nudd details the PSA:

With the United Nations General Assembly meeting next week, the world’s leading NGOs—Oxfam, Save the Children, Care, Amnesty and a hundred more—have banded together for a new PSA, directed by [Martin] Stirling, that attempts to capture the horrors being endured by ordinary Syrians on a daily basis. … The stylistic choice of using reverse footage almost becomes a moral choice here—it’s the hook that makes the piece haunting, and shareable, and thus capable of making a difference. The film is the centerpiece in the NGOs’ #WithSyria campaign, which drives viewers to a petition asking the UN Security Council to take next steps to protect civilians.

Stirling’s previous ad calling attention to the plight of Syrian civilians is here.

Cool Ad Watch

She even looks a little like Maureen Dowd:

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.03.28 AM

The billboard version is even more obviously Modo:


This is from a new ad campaign from the people who won the ballot initiative in Colorado. Among the advice given:

Don’t be a pothole.

Do not pressure others to join you in consuming marijuana, and never give anyone a marijuana-infused product without their Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.06.17 AMknowledge. It is not funny, and it could result in serious problems for that person and others. For example, they might end up driving or engaging in another activity that should not be done while under the influence. It could also cost someone their job if they get drug-tested by their employer. If someone would like to join you in consuming a marijuana-infused product, be sure to inform them of the amount of THC in the product, and let them know the appropriate serving size if they are unsure.

Be respectful of the people around you and do not smoke marijuana in public or in the presence of someone who would prefer not to be exposed to it. This applies especially to situations in which kids are present.

For legalization to be a success, it has to be accompanied with an embrace of real responsibility, a commitment to do all we can to prevent kids getting high, and an ethic that is better than our current campaigns to drink responsibly. Colorado is once again leading the way.