I’ve got several emails like this today:

So you couldn’t be a Democrat because Kennedy may have accidentally misunderstood CAP-endorsed bad satire (assuming arguendo that what the CAP contributer says is actually true) as a demonstration of what CAP really believed. But Delay and the Abramoff scandal, the Terry Schiavo mess and the Bush’s adminstration’s demands that they be allowed to torture don’t turn you off the Republican party? Says a lot more about you and your self-delusions than about the Democratic party.

First off, my dislike of the Kennedy approach to hearings is not because he may have been duped by a satire, but because he has no idea of the law as a means rather than as an end, and has no compunction in smearing people for things utterly unrelated to their jurisprudence. Second, if a reader of this blog thinks I haven’t criticized the GOP over Schiavo, Abramoff and torture, then she simply cannot read. To the right, I’ve drifted “left” because I want a competent war. To the left, I’m self-deluded because I object to Kennedy’s low blows. The space for any thought between these two polar partisanships is getting harder and harder to find. And for the umpteenth time, I belong to no political party, have endorsed candidates from both over the years, and count myself a limited government conservative. I am not now and never have been a member of the Republican party.