Just when you feel no one gets it, another reader emails:

Looking forward to the new site. I stumbled across your site, I believe as a link from Josh Marshall’s in the winter of 2001, and the two of you have provided me with much sanity and enjoyment during the last four-odd years.

What’s impressed me with your blog and writings is how your personal politics and your own definition of “conservative” have largely stayed the same, despite the right-ward drift of our body politic and Washington leadership and the resultant bastardization of what “conservative” means, or at least, used to mean.

I’ve always voted for Democrats, but like you, I’ve grown distrustful of the current direction of the party. I’ll never be a Republican (the religious fundamentalists are anathema to me), but as your blog continually asks, I wonder/hope if there can’t be a third way in American politics? Not a Bill Clinton “Third Way,” but a true, grass roots, independent third party that combines some of the old-school conservatism of what used to be the GOP (fiscal sanity, foreign policy realism etc.) with the best of the Democratic party (inclusiveness, domestic competence, worker’s rights etc.). Or more simply: Fiscally conservative, socially liberal.

My dream too. And my book is an attempt to make the case more systematically than a blog can.