Hathos Alert, Ctd

by Gwynn Guilford

A reader gives a little more on the backstory of Singapore's "National Night" patriotic procreation campaign:

Thank you thank you thank you for the National Night bit. My husband is from Singapore. It has three main ethnic groups – Chinese, Malay, and Indian.  The Chinese run the place, but they also have the lowest population growth.  And they're scared to death of becoming a minority – so it's not openly spoken, but there's a constant push for the Chinese population – not just the wealthy and educated – to have more babies. Anyway I will enjoy showing this video for him – he's always embarrassed this time of year because of the faux patrotism imposed by the SG government for their National Day.

KC Ifeanyi expands on that point, noting that Singapore's fertility rate dropped to 1.2 in 2011, compared with 1.6 in 2000:

[W]ith verses such as "Like a government scholar, I wanna cram real hard / And tap you all night like an EZ Link card," it’s difficult to imagine how this won’t get the masses hot and bothered. But wait a minute, tiger! Not to douse the flames of passion burning betwixt your legs or anything, but the campaign’s brief explicitly states this libidinal lobbying is for "financially secure adult(s) in a stable, committed long-term relationship(s)."