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I think I’ll stay sitting down, thank you very much. But is this an indication that the Clintons will pivot toward those white working class voters turned off by the Obama years? Was Schumer’s line on healthcare reform a trial balloon for a way for the Clintons to distance themselves from Obama while arguing that they have the experience to help more people get better jobs, as in the 1990s? I guess we’ll soon find out. Update from a reader:

Another site I was reading pointed out that the video has been up since Nov. 16 and has only had 349 views. And earlier PM Carpenter had highlighted an article by Dana Milbank about her Georgetown appearance yesterday:

When it was time for Clinton’s appearance to begin Wednesday morning, half of the 700 seats in the place were empty. After a half-hour “weather delay,” diplomats and VIPs filled a few more chairs, but more than 300 remained vacant when the former secretary of state and first lady walked in…. Roughly half a dozen people rose to applaud, and for a terrifying moment it appeared they might be the only ones standing. But slowly, lazily, most of the others struggled to their feet…. Several began trickling out before the 40-minute appearance was over.

Hillary fever. Catch it!


Hathos Alert

Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Gala Dinner

“Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa on Fox’s ‘The Simpsons,’ was an honored guest at the dinner and told the Washington Blade the advancement of LGBT rights was due to [HRC executive director Chad] Griffin’s work. ‘It’s extraordinary,’ Smith said. ‘I think the dominoes are falling so fast. And nobody ever thought it could happen that quickly, but Chad could get it done. It’s very impressive,'” – The Washington Blade, at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual dinner.

The dinner’s keynote speaker was the president who doubled the rate of discharges of gay people in the military, signed the Defense of Marriage Act and campaigned on it, entrenched the travel ban on HIV-positive immigrants and tourists – and has never apologized for any of it. He was given repeated standing ovations.

(Photo: Yeardley Smith and Chad Griffin arrive at the Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles gala dinner held at JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. LIVE on March 22, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. By Michael Tran/FilmMagic.)

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Hard to beat this ad from Michigan via Weigel:

Update from a reader:

I suspect you aren’t much of a college football fan and didn’t see a recent Tennessee House of Representative candidate’s ad. Lane Kiffin was a former head coach (I’d say THE former head coach, but firing Fulmer has prove a bad choice by the Volunteers) who is pretty reviled by Tennessee fans as he didn’t stay long, didn’t have much success and some of his actions resulted in NCAA sanctions. Kiffin is now the offensive coordinator at Alabama after getting fired mid-season last year.

Hathos Alert

Dick Cheney gets a faltering but ultimately decisive standing ovation at the American Enterprise Institute, the key think-tank behind the Iraq War. For them, every war is a reason for another war. But the two and a half decade war in Iraq is their real achievement. And they just managed to extend US involvement there … indefinitely. No wonder they’re ecstatic.

Hathos Alert

by Dish Staff

Copyranter gets creative:

WalmartAdThe amount of time I’ve spent on stock photo websites (mostly shitty Getty, of course) over the last 15+ years would be measured in months, not hours. Any ad creative who’s had to work with either cheap-ass clients who wouldn’t pay for a shoot even if you took their fucking kids hostage or dipshit clients who just didn’t see the point knows the mental pain of paging and scrolling for half a day until you find that one image that is slightly less shit-awful than the previous 2,000. And why do we do this? The ad’s not going to help the client’s business, the ad’s not going in our portfolios, shit, it won’t even be worth wiping our asses with—but we search and search and fucking SEARCH until diarrhea seeps out of our eyeballs. It is, truly, one of the most pathetic activities a human being can do.

LCadWell, this is my pathetic revenge. I’ve been collecting these unusable stock photos for about a year and, this past weekend, turned them into bad ads for major brands. Because, fuck you clients, and fuck you stock photo houses and your shitty cheap photos. I did the ads quickly, in Word, so they would look extra special shitty.

Many more examples here.