Hathos Alert

by Dish Staff

Copyranter gets creative:

WalmartAdThe amount of time I’ve spent on stock photo websites (mostly shitty Getty, of course) over the last 15+ years would be measured in months, not hours. Any ad creative who’s had to work with either cheap-ass clients who wouldn’t pay for a shoot even if you took their fucking kids hostage or dipshit clients who just didn’t see the point knows the mental pain of paging and scrolling for half a day until you find that one image that is slightly less shit-awful than the previous 2,000. And why do we do this? The ad’s not going to help the client’s business, the ad’s not going in our portfolios, shit, it won’t even be worth wiping our asses with—but we search and search and fucking SEARCH until diarrhea seeps out of our eyeballs. It is, truly, one of the most pathetic activities a human being can do.

LCadWell, this is my pathetic revenge. I’ve been collecting these unusable stock photos for about a year and, this past weekend, turned them into bad ads for major brands. Because, fuck you clients, and fuck you stock photo houses and your shitty cheap photos. I did the ads quickly, in Word, so they would look extra special shitty.

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