Hathos Red Alert

I think I’ll stay sitting down, thank you very much. But is this an indication that the Clintons will pivot toward those white working class voters turned off by the Obama years? Was Schumer’s line on healthcare reform a trial balloon for a way for the Clintons to distance themselves from Obama while arguing that they have the experience to help more people get better jobs, as in the 1990s? I guess we’ll soon find out. Update from a reader:

Another site I was reading pointed out that the video has been up since Nov. 16 and has only had 349 views. And earlier PM Carpenter had highlighted an article by Dana Milbank about her Georgetown appearance yesterday:

When it was time for Clinton’s appearance to begin Wednesday morning, half of the 700 seats in the place were empty. After a half-hour “weather delay,” diplomats and VIPs filled a few more chairs, but more than 300 remained vacant when the former secretary of state and first lady walked in…. Roughly half a dozen people rose to applaud, and for a terrifying moment it appeared they might be the only ones standing. But slowly, lazily, most of the others struggled to their feet…. Several began trickling out before the 40-minute appearance was over.

Hillary fever. Catch it!