Dish Independence: Your Questions, Ctd

A reader quotes a previous one:

"Please consider allowing comments in the paid site." NO! NEVER! PLEASE! In general, I HATE comment sections; they so often turn into cesspools, despite everyone's good intentions.  But your "curated comment section" is one of the best things about your blog. I've already signed up for the paid site, but if I get wind that there will be an open comment section, I'll probably try to get my money back.

Another reader reminds us that "if people want comments, they can go to the Dish Facebook page and comment there till their heart's content – and I don't have to see it." Another:

Delighted to see you striking out on your own.  I think it's high time.  I pay for the NYT, the FT, and the Economist, and I think your move is another signal of the quality differentiating itself.  I wouldn't pay for just any newspaper, and I wouldn't pay for just any blog.  But you've set yourself apart. 

That begs a separate question, though.  If we give enough, would you all consider setting aside the resources to build dedicated apps/web apps for your subscribers?  I'd love to have a clean, specially designed iPhone/iPad interface, and with the web apps the NYT and FT are now using, you wouldn't need to go through Apple (and for that matter, you could probably do a pretty easy port to Android).

Apps – or at least a customized mobile version for the home-page – are definitely forthcoming, once we get our footing with the new Dish. Another reader:

Have you ever thought of a limited merchandise offering? I can't be the only one who'd love to have an official DishHead teeshirt or ball cap. It would be fun to recognize each other at the local coffee shop.

Merchandise is very much on our radar. Back in December 2010 we launched some limited edition t-shirts (the ones featured in our staff photo). We are holding off on any subsequent merch until we have stabilized with the new transition, but stay tuned. Another reader dissents:

If you are going to start off on your own, start off right. Don't go for that $19.99 crap; be honest and direct and ask for $20.00. 

I have just finished law school and have to last until I can take the bar in February. My only income is some money from my Dad; I have to make my savings last. I don't even pay for the local Sacramento Bee, but I sent in my twenty and wish you the best.

We are immensely grateful. Join him in subscribing to an independent, ad-free Dish here.