Hathos Alert


Max Fisher highlights an air freshener being sold in Iran:

The Post’s Tehran correspondent, Jason Rezaian, sends on the above photo of the Khamenei air freshener, which is apple-scented, if you’re wondering. It’s just the thing to add some revolutionary aroma to your late-model Samand. The item was procured by a friend, Jason says, at the Tajrish bazaar in northern Tehran. It cost 10,000 Iranian rials, or about 81 cents. And no, sadly, he is not taking orders. But I’ve asked him to let me know if he comes across a cherry-scented Khomeini or "new car" Rafsanjani.

Update from an Iranian reader:

The cult of personality they are trying to build around Khamenei is reaching North Korean levels. Too bad for them the majority in Iran cant give a flying fuck about the monster. Back in the '80s, Khomeinei was a charismatic leader and had a real following, yet he wouldn't even allow his pic to be posted on the national currency – he didn't need it. He was popular among the more religious and traditional sectors of the society without any such propaganda. Khamanei is not, and that's why his gang tries so hard to turn him to a saint, to recreate that aura around the Ayatollah.