Special Teams Explained

A reader notices another addition to the site:

special-teamsI really enjoyed reading all of the short bios of the Dish staff.  (Were they always there?  Never noticed them before!) I would like to bring to your attention, however, that Chas Danner’s bio is the only one that makes no mention of what he actually does for the Dish (his bio is comprised entirely background information about him.)

Also, no mention at all what “Special Teams” means.

Chas was an outgoing intern when we decided to go independent back in December. When his internship was over, he essentially refused to stop working for us and ended up volunteering as our project manager for the new site. Despite our tight one-month timeframe to get everything ready, Chris, Patrick and I were determined to maintain the same output and quality of Dish content on top of all the extra work that goes into starting a small business (such as health insurance, which we discussed last week). Chas’ experience with websites and design, as well as his ability to coordinate with developers, hosting providers and other tech peeps for hours on end, was crucial to our ability to drive the car while building it.

“Special teams,” a title that Chas picked and which I had to look up, is a football term for players that execute kickoffs, punts or other special plays. Similarly, Chas, with his variety of skills and technical knowledge, will help the Dish with things we generally have no clue about. He also has a great editorial eye and deep sense of Dishness, so he will be an asset in many areas. Basically, he rocks.