Will Readers Finally Pay For Content? Ctd

The latest attempt to crack the code on micropayments:

Len Kendall, co-founder of the new micro-payments platform [CentUp], reckons the problem isn’t so much that people don’t want to pay for things, but that they forget, it’s too much hassle, and the amounts involved are too big. CentUp, as the name suggests, deals in pennies. To give a few cents to your favorite blogger, all you do is click a little button and send the amount from a pre-charged account. … Half the money goes to charity, which provides extra incentive to pay the creators something, Kendall says. “Sometimes artists find it difficult to ask people to pay. So, we felt that if we built charity into the system, it’s easier for them to ask. They can say, ‘we’re giving half away.'”

Of course Amanda Palmer is already perfecting the art of asking. Money quote from Kendall:

“We think 2013 is really the time when people are going to start paying more for content. They are realising they don’t want to pay with their attention and advertising, and they don’t want to be behind paywalls. It’s a prime time to enable people to pay what they will.”

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