The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew let loose on the continued degrading effects of Gitmo on America, wondered at the etch-a-sketch mentality of McCain and Butters on injecting America into Syria’s war, and took note of the absurd minutiae of the sectarian Mideast. He considered whether Obama has shackled his economic legacy to the fate of the sequester, meditated on the once and future form of blogging, and groaned at the ongoing effects of prohibition on medicinal shroom study. Later on he batted away the taboo on talking condoms and good sex and cringed at video of an airplane crash in Bagram.

In political coverage, we noted the enduring effects of the “yellow cake” snafu in debating Syria’s chemical weapons and Steve Coll warned of drone blowback as Rauch investigated our obsession with medical interventions. We sensed some vibrations in the market for pot lite, Phillip Smith connected PTSD with the healing effect of marijuana, and readers asked Josh Fox how he ended up in the anti-fracking movement. We realized the effect Nixon had on presidential privacy, uncovered psychological prints of natural prejudice and observed the evolutionary desire for basic equality. John Gray situated Marx in his proper place and time, Frum perked up at the drop in American homelessness, a Republican strategist spoke a vision of gloom and doom for the GOP and Dana Mackenzie perused formulas for justice.

In assorted coverage, Kevin Hartnett sized up the largest festival on Earth, William Germano proposed a looser, more bloggy academia, and DL Cade surveyed air crash art. We got to know the significance of oncoming datafication, spotlighted a grim commercial of botched suicide in the Creepy Ad Watch, and Tim Frenholz watched art imitate life in Sim City. Things got volcanic in the answers to this week’s VFYW contest, Daniel Kramb sampled fiction of our hot, crowded future and Laetittia Barbier tracked the grim history of wax museums. Finally, we cranked a Tom Waits/Cookie Monster mashup for the MHB, met the property owner of Bangladesh’s collapsed factory in the Face of the Day and looked out over Rome, Italy for the VFYW.