Millennials Won’t Play Politics?

by Brendan James

Boomer Ron Fournier worries that Generation Y is too wary or disgusted with partisan politics to enter Washington and make change:

The trouble is that Millennials believe traditional politics and government (especially Washington) are the worst avenues to great things. They are more likely to be social entrepreneurs, working outside government to create innovative and measurably successful solutions to the nation’s problems, even if only on a relatively small scale. … A generation ago, government had a monopoly on public service. To Millennials, the world is filled with injustice and need, but government isn’t the solution. They have apps for that.

Noreen Malone counters by pointing out that “people have always built fortunes and connections and forged their worldview outside government before deciding in middle age or later to try for political office”:

It’s highly doubtful that, in a few years, an entire generation of adults will look at positions promising vast influence and power and say “no, thanks.” That’s simply not the way human nature works. So if in the meantime some young people aren’t learning at the feet of the very people who’ve broken the system and are instead trying to learn how to fix problems in a new way, I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing.