Hathos Red Alert

I’m not sure whether to dedicate this to Norman Podhoretz or Max Blumenthal but it is fanfuckingtastic:

Yes, the lyrics contain these immortal rhymes:

So la da di da di, we like to BE FREE
Dancing with Miley
LIVING however we want
This is our home
This is our rules
And we can’t stop
And we won’t stop
Can’t you see it’s we who own the LAND
Can’t you see it we who TAKE A STAND
And we can’t stop
And we won’t stop
We BUILD things
Things don’t BUILD we
Don’t take nothing from JOHN KERRY

According to Caroline Bankoff, the song is an apparent rebuke to Jeffrey Goldberg! Whatever role Friend of the Dish Goldblog had in bringing this about, we thank you. And – bonus hathos! – there’s a hymn to the IDF:

To my home guys here with the big guns
Savin’ Jews from gettin’ all beat up
Remember only God can judge ya
Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya
And everyone in line to make peace
Trying to get a Nobel for peace
We all so fed up here
Getting fed up here, yeah, yeah

Well, we can be grateful to Miley for something.