The Best Of The Dish Today


I can’t help feeling something is awry with Chris Christie’s ebullient contrition today. It was a command performance but the unanswered questions remain. Christie claims he found out about the shenanigans yesterday and yet has also claimed recently that he had been fully briefed on the matter. If that’s the case, why on earth not bring Bridget Kelly in to account for herself before summarily firing her? Why, for that matter, did Christie never run down the story that the snarl-up had been a traffic study?  A huge amount of it makes no sense to me, and the categorical denials of any idea that this kind of thing was going on … well, they just don’t ring true with Christie’s past or present.

Last night’s AC360 debate on Bridgegate here; my presser reax here; the blogosphere’s here. When did Christie know? How frenzied are the press? Why did Wildstein plead the fifth? Your thoughts here. The trouble for Christie is that this is not a boring story; and he emphatically does not have the right-wing noise machine firmly behind him. I thought the most devastating piece about him today was in National Review.

In other news: a silver gun hidden in a vagina; more coverage of the NYT’s “sponsored content” surrender; and another brilliant PSA from New Zealand.

The most popular post was He Hasn’t Gotten Around To Anger Yet; next up: The Character of Chris Christie.

(Original photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images. Cartman meme by Bodenner and Special Teams.)