Democrats For War With Iran

The Senate is full of them. The list of Democratic Senators who favor a march to war with Iran rather than allowing the current negotiations to proceed unhindered is here. I note a few remarkable members of the war chorus: Michael Bennet of Colorado – a key Obama supporter; Cory Booker of New Jersey (ditto); Mark Warner of Virginia; Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut; Ben Cardin of Maryland; and, of course, Chuck Schumer of New York. All of these Democrats are in favor of humiliating the president of the United States and refusing to allow him to pursue negotiations without being trumped by deliberate, pre-meditated sabotage.

I wonder how many of their Democratic constituents really want them to sabotage their own president’s negotiations to avoid what would otherwise be a relentless march toward another war in the Middle East? Do these Democrats seriously want war as the only option with Iran’s newly emergent moderate government? Do they want to do to Obama what no Republicans did with Reagan over his rapprochement with the Soviet Union? Do they really want to sabotage a negotiation years in the making, created by crippling sanctions, and now possibly about to bear fruit? Why on earth can they not wait until the final deal is done, if it is?