Dish Renewal: Your Technical Questions


[Re-posted and updated from earlier today]

A common query:

Your renew link isn’t working for me. Why not?

Make sure you are logged in as a subscriber. You can check this by confirming there is a blue SUBSCRIBER button in the upper-right corner of the Dish. If it’s red and you subscribed last year, you’re not logged in. If it’s red and you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so [tinypass_offer text=”here”]. Remember that the only subscribers who can access the renewal process are those who subscribed last year before March 21 (i.e. Founding Members). All of the post-March 21 subscribers are already on auto-renewal. Another reader:

I renewed my subscription earlier this week but your home-page still shows I have subscribed only until 2/2014.  When will it get updated?

This is likely because the cookie between the Dish and our partner Tinypass needs to be refreshed. That will eventually happen on its own, or if you prefer, you can clear your browser’s cookies (guide here) and then log back into the Dish, at which point the expiration date will definitely be correct. Regardless, this temporarily incorrect date will not affect your billing or your access to the Dish in any way. Another reader:

So I received your email last night and immediately went to renew, but I did not for one very small but cogent reason. When I logged on, it said I was going to subscribe for a year and then it would auto-renew me for the next year, which was fine, but it also seemed to indicate that the year would run from the date of my renewal purchase rather than starting at the end of my current fm-renew-buttonsubscription, which doesn’t expire for another three weeks, on Feb 4. So I did not renew, in order to avoid double-paying for the three remaining weeks. But I plan on going back on February 3 to renew then.

It is, of course, possible that this is not true, and the renewal would actually begin after me current subscription runs out, but if so, it certainly doesn’t indicate that on anything I could find at the renewal site. It may sound unreasonable to worry about those three weeks, but I’m counting every penny and it matters.

Don’t worry; when you renew, your existing subscription will automatically extend by a full year (or a full month, if you’re on the monthly plan). So to use the reader’s example, if your annual subscription runs out on Feb 4, 2014 and you renew today, your credit card won’t be charged again until Feb 4, 2015. Another reader:

I just renewed my subscription, and I went from $60/year to $102/year, but it’s now spread out as a recurring $8.50 monthly charge.  I think I’m on autopilot for a monthly renewal [A: Yes, you are].  But I have technical question: as you know, credit cards expire – so how do I update that information when the time comes?

Our partner Tinypass will send you an automated email if your credit card is close to expiring, and you’ll be able to update your credit card information at any time by logging into your account on the Tinypass website. One more reader:

Last year I gave more than $20, and this year I increased it even more.  Even though my subscription is set to auto-renew, I would ask that we be sent a reminder before the fact, because I may want to bump up my amount yet again in year three. (By the way, to top things off, I just bought five gift subscriptions for a group of friends with whom I debate every day via email.  Much of what I share with them comes from you, so I figured they deserve full access.)

We are currently working with Tinypass to create a reminder email that subscribers will automatically receive when their annual subscription is approached its next renewal date. Stay tuned.

We hope this post helps. If you run into any problems, please email us at Update from a reader:

Thanks for the post about renewal technical questions. I hadn’t yet renewed, since I was waiting for my first week of February due date. Now that I know I won’t miss out on subscription time, I renewed just now.

Another did as well:

Glad to renew. Well worth it. Besides, I was afraid that, in your next post on the site, you’d have more pictures of the dogs, only this time with guns at their lampoonheads …

Seriously, the community you’ve developed is truly unique and amazing. There is simply nowhere else online I can go to get what I get out of your site. It starts with the political commentary, sure, but that’s only the beginning. It’s always fascinating to see a stray post on some topic (e.g. late-term abortion) turn into a full-fledged discussion in which people provide deeply personal testimony that truly illuminates the topic at hand.

If I may borrow a British phrase, I’m chuffed to have seen several of my comments make it into the blog. Playing even a small part in this ongoing conversation is a real kick.

One more:

I just renewed as a founding member for $100 because that’s what I give other causes I believe in. I don’t see this as a subscription, but as a cause. The cause is independent journalism and opinion and particularly your wide-ranging subject matter and, even, your wide-ranging moods. Journalism and opinion with a human voice, not a drab, careful, NPRish institutional voice. Like that other reader who recently renewed, I often email you to chill out when you’re flipping out, and, I too tend to skip through the god stuff (and the poetry). But, at the same time, those quirks are what gives the Dish its human voice that I cherish so much. It’s like those irritating little character traits in my daughters that make me love them even more. Fuck, dude, you’re family!

Subscribe here to join him at the rowdy dinner table. And the renewal link is here for Founding Members (i.e. those who subscribed before March 21 last year). Happy weekend to all, and thanks for the great start to Dish sustainability.

(Photos of readers used with permission)