We made it! With two hours to spare. Who said stoners are sluggish?

Renew now! Renew here!

Update from a reader:

I just wanted to share a story from a stoner who made a non-sluggish subscription purchase many hours before the 4:20 deadline.

About 8 months ago, I had a small personal garden and I’d sell my excess meds on Craigslist. I was selling such small quantities that I really didn’t worry about the DEA ramming down my door, but I didn’t feel comfortable associating my actual phone number with the Craigslist ads. So I found a company that basically charged $5/month to set up dummy telephone number and forwards any calls/texts to your actual number (Protip: they also have a free version that will store all your passwords across all your various devices). Long story short, my landlord informed us she intended to put the house up for sale, and I felt it was best to remove the garden to avoid any awkward moments during walkthroughs with potential new landlords. But I kinda just forgot to cancel my $5/month subscription until the company prompted me to use the phone masking function when I was booking a plane tickets earlier. Over the same time span, I was one of the people who rationalized that I couldn’t possibly afford 20 whole dollars to read the full version of The Dish. But upon seeing your plea this morning, I decided to cancel the subscription and transfer that $5/month, which I didn’t even know I was paying, to you guys instead.

So I guess the moral of this story is that I bet a lot of your readers don’t have to give up a single thing to enjoy the full Dish experience; they just have to find money they’re spending unknowingly and put it to better use.