The Other Way To Win Endorsements

Steinglass suggests Christie would have been better off trying to buy Democratic support:

Had Mr Christie offered to build Fort Lee a couple of new on-ramps to the George Washington Bridge after receiving an endorsement, political junkies might have chuckled a bit, and that would have been about it. Mr Christie could have strewn budgetary gifts from Ridgewood to Cape May in exchange for cross-party endorsements and never suffered more than a few raised eyebrows.

But Mr Christie had a very limited supply of such budget goodies to hand out. Why? Because he’s Chris Christie! He’s a Republican governor who has made his reputation by slashing New Jersey’s budget. His party has spent 30 years locking itself into an ever-more-rigid ideological commitment to shrinking the size of government. So Republicans have almost nothing in the way of positive inducements to get Democrats to collaborate these days.