So Close

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[Re-posted from earlier today]

We just passed $505,000 in revenue in January, and there are now only hours to go before the month ends. Last year, we had $516,000 in the same month. Can we actually make it over the top?  [Update at 8.30 pm: $512,000 – almost there! Update at 10.30 pm: $515,000! Update at 12 am: We made it, right on the nose!] Renew here! Renew now! Or subscribe here if it’s your first time. Update from a reader who did just that:

Ok, you got me! After years of faithful reading, I finally decided to pony up and help get you over the 516K bump. Hopefully you make it.

Why did I stand on the sidelines for a year? I don’t know … I check your blog multiple times a day (with the exception of Sunday), I silently empathized when you lost your beagle (as I had lost mine just a few months prior) and I consider the time you linked to my blog a few years ago as the highpoint of my online life. Perhaps I needed a year to see if this new model would change the Dish in ways I wouldn’t like. If so, I clearly need not have worried. You all continue to do excellent work. Here’s to many more successful years!

Another gets novel:

Instead of renewing at a higher amount, I gave three gift subscriptions to my siblings. Seedlings!

Another creates another price-point to add to $4.20/month and double chai ($36):

I started to enter double the required annual price ($19.99), then decided to honor our current president with $44.