A Conversation With John Heilemann

The State Funeral Of Former South African President Nelson Mandela

In the craziness of our first renewal push, we put projects for Deep Dish on hold – in part because the workload was already overwhelming and in part because we did not know if we would have the revenue to keep it going this year. The good news is: we are confident enough that we can begin to add content again to our long-form, subscribers-only essays and podcasts. We still don’t have the budget to plan ahead much – help us get there by renewing here or subscribing here for just $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year – but we can definitely start creating content deep-dish-buttonfor it again.

We’ve made one change: we’re not going to create Deep Dish every month in one big content-dump. I realized I’d adopted a classic magazine model for long-form – because that was what I had been used to in legacy journalism. But on the web, we don’t need to have one monthly deadline, and you don’t need to read or listen to the essays and podcasts in one intimidating lump.

So we’re adding Deep Dish items as we go along in more digestible portions. First up: some crack for all you political junkies. It’s a chat with my old friend John Heilemann, New York magazine writer, co-author of two of the best campaign books out there, Game Change and Double Down, and one of the sharpest political minds out there. We cover the gamut of topics, from weed to steroids to the 2012 race and the web. One major focus is the Hillary Clinton campaign – someone John has covered for many years. Here’s a short clip from our discussion of the Clinton juggernaut now rumbling down the track toward us:


And here’s a snippet from our discussion of Obama’s potential legacy as president:


It’s not a TV interview; it’s not a book-plug. It’s just a conversation you’d never be able to have on radio or TV.

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