Cool Ad Watch

Andy Cush captions the first mainstream TV ad for marijuana aired in the US:

The above minute-long spot for began airing yesterday on CNN, Comedy Central, The History Channel, and A&E in New Jersey, making it the first weed commercial to be shown on major U.S. TV networks. In it, a fast-talking faux drug dealer slings high quality raw fish in back alleys before a voice-over asks, “You wouldn’t buy your sushi from this guy, so why would you buy your marijuana from him?” Then, of course, you’re directed to check out the company’s site, which hooks up patients with medical cannabis doctors.

It isn’t the first weed commercial ever to air in the U.S., however: back in 2010, the Sacramento dispensary CannaCare ran a spot advertising its services on local Fox affiliate KTXL. And it didn’t even use the m-word.