Hathos Alert

And some inspiration for Cartman’s next Faith + 1 album:

Update from a reader:

It was shocking to see that mashup of Gwen Shamblin, CEO of the Weigh Down Workshop. Around 2000, she founded her own church, the Remnant Fellowship, made up of hardcore adherents of her weight-loss program. It operates like a classic religious cult, using information, emotion, and behavior control to keep members in the group. Many families have been broken up over these beliefs. I know because my wife and myself were very nearly drawn into this group and then spent years helping and counseling ex-members who had been damaged by these crazy, legalistic beliefs. And of course, the legalistic focus on food intake turns into a legalistic focus on all other behaviors by which a believer can be judged, including child discipline. You can see a few ex-member testimonies here.