Cool Ad Watch

by Katie Zavadski

Ahead of World Down Syndrome Day tomorrow, an Italian advocacy group releases this PSA:

Through 15 people with Down syndrome from around Europe, the video, titled “Dear Future Mom,” outlines that mothers can expect the same things all mothers expect: a child who hugs, runs, helps, works and faces challenges. “Sometimes it will be difficult. Very difficult. Almost impossible,” the people say. “But isn’t it like that for all mothers?”

Gregory Jaquet appreciates the approach:

No lies, nothing hidden, they give parents a objective and touching perspective.

Erin Gloria Ryan can somewhat relate to the struggles that mothers face:

The sad subtext of that message is that in the western world, women who find out they are pregnant with a child with Down Syndrome choose abortion around 90% of the time, often because they fear their child won’t live a “good life.” I’ve written at length about how the 9-out-of-10 statistic is tough for me, a vocally pro-choice woman who grew up with a very close relative with Down Syndrome, to swallow. And I’d never tell other women how they must or must not form their families. But, as a pro-choice woman, I’d want prospective mothers to base their decisions around whether or not to abort a pregnancy to rely on facts rather than fear, and ads like this one help shine light on the reality of living with or raising a child with Down Syndrome.