Marble Marbles


That’s what you’re seeing:

The photographer Ingrid Berthon Moine is taken with testicles, both figuratively and physiologically; turning to the anatomically accurate statues of Classical Greece for her project Marbles, she focuses her lens on representations of the male sex organ. Isolated from the rest of the statues, the male sex organs take on new meanings, their textured curves wrought in stone with masterly precision.

She spoke to Hrag Vartanian about her project:

Hrag Vartanian: What’s your fascination with Ancient testicles?

Ingrid Berthon-Moine: I like to look at men … the way they look at women. There is no better place than a museum to look at perfect bodies (or a stadium during athletics competitions and football matches.) I wanted to go back to the birth of the representation of the human body perfection and it happened during the Classical Greek period when sculptors’ skills drastically increased and they took great care in their attention to anatomical details. I could have worked with the penis but I preferred focusing on these often neglected parts which secrete hormones, make and store sperm.

HV: Did you notice anything you may not have seen before?

IBM: They hang more on the left side which I wasn’t particularly aware of before although I’ve had close encounters on many occasions with the designated parts. Like breasts, they are also victims of gravity and all these details are skillfully reproduced by the Greeks.

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