Get Your Mug In Time For Christmas


[Re-posted from earlier today]

Our new coffee mug makes a great gift for your favorite Dishhead or pet – be it dog, cat, or parrot – but time is running out to receive it in time for Christmas wrapping, so order now. Full details here:

This navy-colored coffee mug is very high quality, holds a generous 15oz, and, during our caffeine-addled test phase, it proved very durable. So the sturdy mug should last a long time in any Dishhead’s kitchen or office (and yes, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe – we tested that too). As a serious coffee-addict, I love it. The Dish mug can be yours for $15 plus shipping and handling. Just click here and follow the simple prompts to order yours today. We only have a limited number of mugs for sale, so get yours before someone else does.

A reader just got his:

I received the mug the day before I left for Madbears in Madrid, and was unable to use it until this morning.  Thank you for the obvious thought that went behind choosing the design.

Yes, I enjoy “throwing bombs,” so I’m going to go there.

This seems to be a decidedly masculine mug.  It is the only cup in my collection wherein all my fingers actually fit inside the handle.  Finally!  But my mother, who always complained about the size of my furniture (I’m 6’4”), would have hated it.  I can just imagine her saying, with the just the slightest of frowns, “It’s so big.”

I anxiously await the first accusation of mug patriarchy.

Not from this female Dishhead:

unnamed (24)

A good start to the day!