The Best Of The Dish Today

by Chris Bodenner

Try not to watch this Michael Bay GIF over and over and over again:


Today on the Dish, guest-blogger Will Wilkinson used the news of Jeb’s exploratory committee Leadership PAC to make a contrarian case for dynastic presidents. He also argued for the abolishment of police unions, defended Uber against its snarky and socialist detractors, and reflected on his less frenetic life in Chattanooga.

Meanwhile, our other guest-blogger for the week, Michelle Dean, pondered the state of Truth in 2014, trashed year-end book lists, replied to a dissenting reader over the Sony scandal, and ended the day with Herzog.

The most popular posts were Will’s take on dynasty and Andrew’s takedown of Cheney on MTP. On that note, a reader writes:

Under Obama, the only evil-doers sent to prison are whistleblowers. Today is Chelsea Manning’s 27th birthday – and she’s barely begun an immoral 35 year sentence. Think of Dick Cheney, and Chelsea today.

Other top posts today included Dishtern Phoebe’s look at the You Had One Job meme and a reader-submitted graphic on Republican values. And don’t miss our latest installment of the riveting reader thread, “Would You Report Your Rape?” If you’re a fan of the VFYW Contest, Chas has you covered:


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I recently let my subscription lapse because I just couldn’t muster the emotional energy to keep up with partisan politics any more after my euphoric involvement with the 2008 campaign. Your “Was it something we said?” email didn’t get me to change my mind about the subscription. But as someone who shares the same experiences with TNR that Ross depicts here, and Andrew’s explanation about why The Dish is important in keeping that kind of experience afloat … well, guess what: partisanship crap or no, that is one compelling argument for a renewal of the subscription. Here’s to your ongoing stewardship of our common culture at the highest levels of intellectual engagement.

And panda GIFs. More in the morning.