Tumblr Of The Day

by Michelle Dean


2014 has been a terrible year full of awfulness. The second half is unmatched for grimness in recent memory. It’s been so bad, actually, that my personal list of wishes for 2015 is already a mile long. Here’s just the tip of my iceberg: less hacking of any kind, fewer deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of the police, more prosecutions of state officials responsible for torture, an end to defensive press releases from any member of the Cosby family, a Supreme Court with more than passive familiarity with the female reproductive system, and single-payer health care for every American adult and child.

But if I can have none of that, I would at least like to have more Werner Herzog in my life. Is there a better guide for times of existential and political despair? There is not. The cruelties of fate are easier to bear when narrated in dulcet German tones.

IMDB informs me that in 2015 I can expect the release of a Herzog movie about Gertrude Bell. That is the kind of thing you’ll find me in a sleeping bag on the sidewalk waiting to see, James Franco’s presence in the cast notwithstanding. Until then I intend to survive on the Werner Herzog Inspirationals tumblr, which a kind and equally festive-feeling friend pointed out to me today. This should be great scrolling next week, too, when we’re all going mad at home for the holidays.