The View From Your Window


Tucson, Arizona, 8 am. Below is another rare, snowy view from the same time, same city:


By the way, many of you are asking this week:

Am I missing it, or have you not yet told us where Saturday’s VFYW Contest photo was taken? (For the record: my guess is in the Central African Republic, probably but not necessarily Bangui, based on the license plates.) Usually you do this on Tuesday morning – but so far this week, zilch! Please let us know – waiting drives some of us crazy. Thanks.

As we noted in latest contest post, the next results will be posted on Tuesday, January 6. See you then! Another reader:

What a surprise from The Dish; I just discovered my View From The Window photograph (Barga, Italy) in the Honorable Mentions of the Year. Thank you for the acknowledgement and the opportunity to share that magical place with your readers.

By the way, I’ve been sending the Mental Health Break videos to my friend who is battling cancer. The humor is a much needed distraction as she undergoes chemotherapy at the Cleveland  Clinic.  And then there is the friend who recently put her dog down who needed to read the thread “The Last Lesson We Learn From Our Pets“. I could go on and on about how many times I’ve forwarded articles from your blog – political, social or otherwise – but won’t bore you. But I am re-upping my subscription for 2015.

A big thank you to you, Andrew, and your hardworking staff and researchers. Happy New Year.