Window View Of The Year Nominees – 2014

Below are the finalists we’ve selected for the Window View Of The Year, please review them and then vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page.


1) Utopia, Texas:

Utopia, Texas-12pm

Utopia, Texas, 12 pm


2) Eilean Donan, Scotland:

Eilean Donan-Scotland-9am

Eilean Donan, Scotland, 9 am


3) Pittsboro, North Carolina:

The View from My WIndow 8-21-2014

Pittsboro, North Carolina, 6.10 am


4) Yupukari, Guyana:


Yupukari, Guyana, 11.49 am


5) Pensacola, Florida:


Pensacola, Florida, 6.50 pm


6) Kandahar, Afghanistan:


Kandahar, Afghanistan, 12 pm. The reader, a drone operator for the past six years, writes:

Subscriber here. Thanks for your site, on which I spend way too much time. I’ve attached a photo from my most recent Afghanistan trip, the third one in three years. This is the view from the Air Force compound at Kandahar AB looking northeast during a dust storm. Feel free to use it for the contest. If any one of your experts can get closer than just Afghanistan (since the flag is visible), I’ll be pretty impressed.


7) West Chester, Pennsylvania:


West Chester, Pennsylvania, 11.35 am


8) Las Croabas, Puerto Rico:

Las croabas Puerto Rico 335 pm

Las Croabas, Puerto Rico, 3.35 pm


9) South Dartmouth, Massachusetts:


South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, 9.35 am


10) Lower Three Fathom Harbour, Nova Scotia:

Lower Three Fathom Harbour, Nova Scotia, 3-00 pm

Lower Three Fathom Harbour, Nova Scotia, 3 pm

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Honorable Mentions:


Banaue, Philippines:


Banaue, Philippines, 11 am


New York City:


New York, New York, 4.24 pm


Barga, Italy:

Barga, Italy-12pm

Barga, Italy, 12 pm


Hutchinson, Kansas:

Hutchison-KS 7-40am

Hutchinson, Kansas, 7.40 am


Bordeaux, France:


Bordeaux, France, 1.10 pm


Seattle, Washington:


Seattle, Washington, 9.21 am


Allemans, France:


Allemans, France, 3.30 pm


Nampa, Idaho:

Nampa, Idaho, 8-30 am

Nampa, Idaho, 8.30 am


Toronto, Ontario:

image (4)

Toronto, Ontario, 7.25 am

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Please note: due to there not being enough nominees this year, we will not be issuing a 2014 Hewitt Award, Moore Award, or Dick Morris Award. Learn more about all our awards here.