Malkin Award Nominees – 2014

This award, named after blogger Michelle Malkin, is for shrill, hyperbolic, divisive and intemperate right-wing rhetoric (Ann Coulter is ineligible – to give others a chance). Below are the finalists we’ve selected for the 2014 Malkin Award, please review them and then vote for your pick at the bottom of the page.


1) Fredric Dicker on Newtown:

“That was [governor Cuomo’s] anti-gun legislation, which he had promised not to do, but then he had a little convenient massacre that went on in Newtown, Conn., and all of a sudden there was an opportunity for him,” – New York Post columnist Fredric Dicker, on his WGDJ talk-show in Albany, yesterday.


2) Erick Erickson on Wendy Davis:

“Wendy Davis is a one issue wonder heralded by the press because she is a high priestess of the secular religion’s sacred sacrament — slaughtering children on the altar of Moloch,” – Erick Erickson, RedState.


3) Ben Shapiro on the Death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman:

“[Philip Seymour Hoffman’s] self-inflicted death is yet another hallmark of the broken leftist culture that dominates Hollywood, enabling rather than preventing the loss of some of its greatest talents,” – Ben Shapiro, NRO.


4) Scott Lively on Western Homosexual Conquest:

“The gay movement has really brought this on themselves. These African countries have only been concerned about passing these laws after the global homosexual movement started pushing their agenda in these very morally conservative countries. What looks like offensive action by these governments is really defensive … We were invited by these African countries when they were confronted with the problem. And frankly, a lot of this comes down to male – you know, white male homosexuals from the United States and Europe going into these African countries because the age of consent laws are low and able to take these, you know, young, teenage boys and turn them into rent boys for the price of a bicycle. And that just outraged the people in these countries,” – Scott Lively, the American Christianist, partially responsible for the terrorization of gay people in Uganda and Nigeria.


5) Rush Limbaugh on Colbert Being Chosen to Host The Late Show:

“CBS has just declared war on the heartland of America. No longer is comedy going to be a covert assault on traditional American values [and] conservatives. Now, it’s just wide out in the open. What this hire means is a redefinition of what is funny and a redefinition of what is comedy,” – Rush Limbaugh, losing his shit over a practicing Catholic and Sunday school teacher taking over from David Letterman.


6) Dinesh D’Souza on the Legacy of American Slavery:

“Did America owe something to the slaves whose labor had been stolen? I think so, but that debt is best discharged through memory, because the slaves are dead and their descendants are better off as a consequence of their ancestors being hauled from Africa to America,” – Dinesh D’Souza.


7) Pat Robertson on HIV Transmission Risk:

“You might get AIDS in Kenya, the people have AIDS, you got to be careful, the towels can have AIDS,” – Pat Robertson, not on South Park.

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