Mental Health Break Of The Year Nominees – 2014

Below are the finalists we’ve selected for the Mental Health Break Of The Year, please review them and then vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page.


1) Jerk Cat:

The latest entry for the dogs vs cats debate:


2) Stormlapse:

Nicolaus Wegner spent the summer of 2013 photographing the storms over the northern Great Plains:


3) Cinematic Dance Party:

Dancing through a century of cinema:

Full list of movies here.


4) Cattle Concert:


5) Pail Pal:

A dog and his bucket:

A reader flagged it:

A reddit commenter said it best: “Everything else pails in comparison.”


6) Bowling Ball Pendulum Wave:

A hypnotic lesson in physics:


7) Fire Dancing:

Playing with fire never looked so beautiful:


8) Fetch Fails:


9) Subway Tiny Dancer:

Well ok, New York isn’t always shitty:

Though, for the record, that’s Brooklyn.


10) Headis Competition:

Just some Germans playing head-pong:

Vote Here:

Honorable Mentions:


Rino Stefano Tagliafierro’s Beauty:

Classic paintings come to life to haunting effect:


Balancing Goats:


Williams’ Delight:


Cello AC/DC:

AC/DC finally gets the cello duet we all deserve:


Alt-Rock Hooks:

All your favorite vocal hooks from the ’90s:


Sander Trippin’:

A mesmerizing look inside everyday objects:

Verschleif from Laurin Döpfner on Vimeo.

With an edge sander, half a millimeter is sanded off each work piece (wood, walnut, transformer, skull or analogue camera) and photographed. About 650 photos are made into a short film, which contrasts the inner structure of nature and technology.


Animated Debussy:

Watch Debussy come to life:

(Hat tip: 3QD)


Dog Pool Party:

Eat your heart out, dog park:


Elephant Toy:

Hope you have as much fun with your weekend as this elephant can with plastic:


Hail Five:

Hailing a high-five:


Kutiman’s Thru You Too:

A master remix of aspiring YouTube stars:



The classic battle of dog vs hose gets the classical treatment:


Remixing Boston:

One of the coolest time-lapse techniques ever:


Staring At The Sun:

A stunning timelapse of the Sun, combined from over 17,000 images:

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