2013 Mental Health Break Of The Year Nominees

Below are the finalists we’ve selected for the Mental Health Break Of The Year, please review them and then vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page.


1) Girl With German Shepards:



2) Ze Frank’s Dung Beetle:

Ze Frank is quickly becoming the next David Attenborough:

His previous MHB on the sloth here.


3) Smeagol’s Mad World:

Smeagol expresses his tears and fears:

(Hat tip: Reddit)


4) Dubstep Cat:

A dubstep performance that only gets better:



5) Soul Train Gets Down To Daft Punk:



6) Dog Shaming:

Dogs have a terrible poker face:



7) Bear Tetherball:



8) Park Ranger Dance:

As one YouTube commenter puts it:

this video solved racism

(Hat tip: Reddit)


9) Dog In Leaf Pile:

Happy fall:



10) Captain Picard Sings “Let It Snow”:


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Honorable Mentions:


Dog Playing With Himself:



Hyper-Collaborative Lip-Dub:



Nekkid Sking:



Bad Lip Reading Of The Walking Dead:



British Basketball Commentator:



Tummy Drumming:



America Sucks Less:



Smartest Dog Ever:


Brothers’ Best Man Tribute:

From a reader:

Two brothers were asked by their older brother to be the best men at his wedding. They made this video. They win the Internet.



German Rappers:



Architecture Timelapse:



Lonely Island’s Spring Break:


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