Cool Ad Watch

A surprisingly clever spot from Coca-Cola:

Tim Nudd adds:

The video is pretty goofy for Coke, which usually prefers more feel-good stunts that don’t liken its target market to animals that can’t stop licking their stitches. But there’s some honestly there, at least. Just don’t share this with your friends. Coke wouldn’t want that.

Update from a reader, who shows how unoriginal the ad is after all:

Do you think Coke has to pay royalties on that commercial to The New Yorker? This cartoon ran a while back:


Cool Ad Watch

David Gianatasio is struck by the latest bit of brilliance from the New Zealand government:

This eerie safe-driving PSA from New Zealand employs an Outer Limits-style time freeze to impressive, heartbreaking effect as we watch two drivers, poised to collide in a matter of seconds, emerge from their vehicles and discuss the situation. … “This campaign aims to reframe the way people look at their speed when they’re driving,” the New Zealand Transport Agency says. “We usually get to learn from our mistakes, but not when driving—the road is an exception. Even the smallest of mistakes on the road can cost us our life, or someone else’s.” The spot, by Clemenger BBDO, marks a departure from the agency’s recent work for the client, which successfully used humor and charm to highlight the dangers of driving while stoned. Here, the tone is intensely serious, and the riveting results are memorable and stand up to repeat viewings.

The Dish has posted both the stoned-while-driving PSA and this one on drunk driving. A reader adds, “I have no idea why NZ PSAs have gotten so inventive, but they are tapping into very working-class representation and language in such memorable ways.”

Cool Ad Watch

A simple but clever way to market a new book about a bunch of other books:

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How A Reader’s Book of Days Was Made from WW Norton on Vimeo.

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