The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew posted a notice for a personal assistant, took a good look at what forced feeding is like at Gitmo, remained opposed to a mission into Syria despite the chemical weapons scare, and sighed at the ongoing obstacles to liberal democracy in the Muslim world. He echoed Rauch on the human and political value of immigration equality, rethought his mantra on masturbation, gave a timely shout out to Keynes and renewed his vows to his favorite disco duo.

In political coverage, we rounded up debate over the effects of Obamacare on Medicaid, studied the blowback on senators who sunk Manchin-Toomey, and a reader pushed back against our concern over gun ads featuring kids. Jonathan Rauch recounted his discovery of sexuality as a young boy as we considered the significance of Jason Collins’ coming out as a black man. Ann Friedman shined a light on the halfway house between editorial and advertising and both Chait and Ta-Nehisi dispensed some op-ed advice. Readers asked Josh Fox how feasible it will be to leave behind fossil fuels, Edward Glaeser proposed a libertarian means to progressive ends, Derek Thompson explained why CEO pay continues to balloon and readers took on McArdle’s retro-analysis of Bush v. Gore. Finally, as Ackerman doubted that sending weapons to rebels would break the Syrian stalemate, Piro reminded us of the struggles of our veterans back from combat.

In miscellanea, a reader and a testy Alaskan responded to Brian Phillips’ trials on the Iditarod Trail, the band !!! confessed the penalties of aiming for obscure hipness, and we dug up two poseur alerts, one of them close to home. We tried to untangle America’s obsession with charity ribbons, peeked into the market of conspiracy mongering, investigated the potential boon cannabis might be to fighting HIV. Robert Zigger hawked quietude to those willing to trek the Sahara, furrowed our brows at the expulsion of a high school chemist. Readers cried out to save cursive and we played around with real atoms in the Cool Ad Watch. After the Vatican discovered Native Americans in the Face of the Day we ran Spongebob through the Pogo-filter in the MHB and gazed at Eagan, Minnesota in the VFYW.