Dish Awards: Last Chance To Vote!

Here on the final day of voting, the tightest race is for 2014’s best Mental Health Break. Currently in the top slot, with 18.26% of the vote, is this concert for cows:

But 15.35% of Dishheads think this montage deserves the prize:

Which improved your mental health the most and thus deserves this year’s crown? Let us know here. In addition, today is your last chance to cast votes for the 2014 Malkin Award, Hathos Alert, Poseur Alert, and Yglesias Award. You can also help pick the year’s best Chart and View From Your Window, as well as the 2014’s Coolest Ad, Face Of The YearMap Of The Year and Beard Of The Year! Our polls will close tonight at midnight, so have at it:

Please note: due to there not being enough nominees this year, we will not be issuing a 2014 Hewitt Award, Moore Award, or Dick Morris Award. Learn more about all our awards here.